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quip [kwip] n. A witty or clever remark.

Webcam photo of David StillerHave something to say?  I’d love to help!  Quip is run by this guy over here, David Stiller.  I’ve been keen on multimedia for over fifteen years, starting with what was originally called Macromedia Director.  I soon expanded to the Adobe Flash Platform, which brought with it all sorts of audio/visual tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Affects, Audition, and more.  In order to get things done, I generally rely on ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, but I also have experience with Java and Python, and have dipped into Objective-C.


I’ve written numerous tech training materials, including over 100 tutorials for, content for, magazines and online video tutorials, as well as the following books:


Book cover for Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers Book cover for Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers Book cover for ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference Guide


Book cover for How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3 Book cover for How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS4 Book cover for How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS5 Book cover for How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS6


Quip provides expert solutions for multimedia needs.  Serving individuals and businesses of any size, I produce high caliber multimedia programming, training, websites, illustration, animation, video editing, and sometimes voice talent.  My portfolio includes NASA, PBS, DOT, Adobe, Pearson, major US automotive and boat manufacturers, and clients across the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe.  Contact me today to discuss your goals!

Custom Programming & Productivity Tools

Need something interactive on the desktop, mobile devices, or the web?

I’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.  Services include multimedia development for sales, entertainment, and training.  I build dynamic front ends for web services and collaboration with other middleware technologies, for everything from websites to touch screen kiosks and museum installations.

I also have extensive experience with custom productivity tools, including built-to-spec extensions and components for Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash.

Game Development

Looking for dynamic promos, banner ads, and other fun content?

I can help you transform your concepts into concrete, interactive attractions.  Services include original game planning and development, graphic design, sound effects, and consultation.

Presentations & Marketing

Are you bored with the same, tired PowerPoint presentations?  Chances are, so are your clients.

I’m happy to work with you to create engaging interactive presentations.  Services include video work, Flash and Shockwave multimedia content, promotional materials, conversion from VHS to DVD, and more.

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Make your statement bold from the start!

Let me know what you’re after, and I can help design a sense of self for your business.  Services include custom artwork for business cards, stationary, print advertisements, website banners, van graphics, billboards, and more.  With a unique corporate identity, you’ll make a great first impression — one that sticks in people’s minds.