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Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Note:  I started this entry on the actual fourth day of Flashforward.  Clearly, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 several days have passed since then — still catching up! — but I’ll leave my wording as is.


Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Back to Phil Heinz for another Flex Builder 2 session.  Today’s was a follow-up on his intro to Flex from yesterday, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 this time delving deeper into socket connections for real time applications.  Honestly, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 the workflow efficiency of Flex Builder 2, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 as compared with Flash — for this sort of application; that is, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 “programs” rather than intros, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 games, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and relatively “lighter” content — really is phenomenal.  I’m excited to see where RIA development will lead in the coming years, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 now that the Flex SDK (with compiler) is free and the Flex Builder 2 IDE is priced comparably to Flash. 

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I caught the tail end of Julian Dolce’s presentation on JSFL and was pleased to see that it had a decent turn-out.  This session, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and talks with Scott McClurg — as well as planned Extension content for the companion CD to Chris Georgenes’ upcoming book — has inspired me out of a lull in my own JSFL work.  I had forgotten how much I love it!  (In a nutshell, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 JSFL allows you to programmatically accomplish practically anything doable in the IDE itself — like Photoshop Actions, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 but much more powerful.)

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 During the beginning of Julian’s session, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I spent an hour or so with Branden Hall in the speaker lounge, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 checking out his Flow project under the hood.  Really, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 this is some very cool stuff.  I hope he and I can do some work together.

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Next, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 David Castillo and Jennifer Benavides, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 who demonstrated a Flash app to help people improve their timing while learning salsa dancing.  This was the only session where audience members got on their feet!  ;)

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I finished my day, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and the conference in general, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 with a follow-up to Seb Lee-Delisle’s 3D work from yesterday; this one was on particle generators in AS2.  And finally, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 a cool look at Flash Player internals (the bytecode that ActionScript becomes) by Edwin van Rijkom.


Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Went to another fantastic restaurant — this time, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I don’t even remember the name of it — and had an incredible, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 huge, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 rare Texas steak.  To put words to it would be to dishonor its memory.  Let’s just say it was a phenomenal meal.  :)   I loved it … and appreciated the company that night, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 which included Scott McClurg; Chris Georgenes; Silvia Pompei, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 who worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 The Simpsons, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and other cool projects; Todd Sanders, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and his lovely girlfriend, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Danielle.  Todd paid for the whole table, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 which was a completely unexpected treat.  It was a great way to conclude a terrific week.

Todd Sanders and me
Todd Sanders and me

Two Amys

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 While looking for an Amy I had helped on the Adobe forums, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I ran into another Amy altogether.  It was funny, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 because when we first met, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 something told me this might just be the Amy from the forums.  After we had been talking for a while, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I plumb asked her, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 “You wouldn’t happen to be Amy, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 would you?”  We were both surprised when she said she was.  We ran into each other at a bar later and had a great talk about Flash and also family.  Then I met the original Amy, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 too, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 which made me happy, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 because it’s always nice to put a face with the name.  I hope to keep in touch with both of them.

Surreal Twist Ending

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 I had to wake up early (3:30am) to get to the airport in time for my return flight.  Chris said I should wake him up to say goodbye, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 but I just didn’t have the heart.  Dude was snoring out some much needed sleep, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 which I envied, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and I snuck out as quietly as I could.  ;)

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 My flight went from Austin to Newark, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 then Newark to Norfolk International — and I purposefully skipped the final leg to join Dawn and Meridian in New Jersey for a friend’s first birthday party.

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 While I finally crashed to catch up on my own lost sleep (you’ll see a pun in a moment), eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 Dawn ran some errands with our friends and failed to yield on a left turn.  We’re still waiting for an official assessment, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 but the minivan may be totaled.  The right rear wheel was ripped off, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 the bumper missing … bad story.  But no one got hurt, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 not in our vehicle or the other, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 which is all that matters.  Kind of bizarre, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 because that worn tire on my plane coming in had to be replaced from Newark.

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 We talked Meridian through the experience a number of times.  She recounted the same events in German and English, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 so she clearly understands what happened, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and knows that we’re all okay.  Mommy’s car is broken, eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 and some men in New Jersey are going to try to fix it — or we’ll buy a new one.

Eriacta 100mg pills $112.00 So the whole trip has had its ups and downs.  Life never ceases to amaze.  I’m glad to be here.  :)   Now I’m working through business cards and hoping to keep up contact.

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