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ActionScript 2.0 Flash

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 This earlier post, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 “How to Load External Video (FLV), zovirax cream 5% $42.00” is one of the most popular on this blog, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 judging by the number of comments.  Just the other day, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 someone named Enrique thanked me for the sample code, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 but asked if there was a way to control the FLV file once loaded, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 since the file is handled without the use of the Media or FLVPlayback Components.  It’s a good question, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 so let’s take a look at how to accomplish the goal. 

An answer, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 short and sweet

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 After typing the code suggested in the other article, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 type the following ActionScript into a frame of your scripts layer:

// Code from the other article
var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);
// New code ... Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 assumes a button symbol with
// the instance name shown
btnPausePlay.onRelease = function() {

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 How’s that for short and sweet?!

How it works

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 This answer comes from a quick glimpse again at the NetStream class.  We’re already using the NetStream.play() method, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 in fact.  Here, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 we’re simply using the NetStream.pause() method, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 applied to the ns variable, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 which is our instance of the NetStream class.

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 The first time this method is called, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 it pauses play.  After that, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 the method acts as a toggle — unless the optional parameter is supplied.  If you want two buttons, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 rather than a toggle, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 supply that parameter.

btnPause.onRelease = function() {
btnPlay.onRelease = function() {

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 In the above example, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 the pause button invokes the NetStream.pause() method, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 as before, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 but this time it supplies the optional flag parameter.  If true is supplied, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 the video is paused, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 regardless of it’s already paused.  If false is supplied, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 the video is played from where it was stopped.  If already playing, zovirax cream 5% $42.00 it keeps on playing.

Zovirax cream 5% $42.00 Experiment with the NetStream.close() and NetStream.seek() methods to stop playing altogether (different from pausing) and to jump to already-loaded portions of a video stream.

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