Catching Up


On a scale of one to ten, I’m on cloud nine.  Things are unbelievably great.  :D   Frankly, I’m a bit stunned since my first day of working full time from home, which started last Wednesday.  The first four hours, in fact, were a bit rocky.  Not to be trite, but I had this Big Change staring me in the face — “the first day of the rest of my career” — and I found myself in the unusual circumstance of not knowing where to begin.  I had spent two days carting home all my stuff from DSI — computer equipment, coffee mugs, knick-knacks, game boards, reference books, notes, email addresses, phone numbers; it goes on and on and on — and hoped to have everything settled by Wednesday.  Everything organized, everything put away; a clean, orderly desk.  Not so.  I ended up working four hours that evening to make up for my slow start.  So far, all the plates are still spinning. 

My Outlook inbox is crammed full.  I owe people replies.  I’m surrounded by boxes that need sorting.  I need to order business cards.  I haven’t written any tech content for this blog in almost two weeks!  Due to an unexpected family circumstance, we have three guests living with us for a while, which only adds to the madness.  But you know what?  I find myself smiling — beaming, in fact.

I have an astonishing wife, who has supported me 100% through this adventure.  I have the cutest two-year-old daughter I can imagine having, whose German (and English) unfolds in complexity every week, and who kisses me probably more than I deserve.  I have people writing me thank-you notes for my blog content and the Adobe and CMX articles, which is such a tremendous encouragement.

So, honestly, things are darned good.  All I need to do is catch up. ;)   In a sense, I feel as if I just swallowed a Slurpee whole.  I’m beyond brain freeze.  I’ll be writing here, as before, as soon as I feel able to, so thanks for hanging in there with me!

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