I’ve Been Flicked!


Ha, this had me rolling when I first saw it.  Cartoonist Chris Flick, a colleague over at Community MX, generally introduces new partners with a comic strip.  He happened to choose a hip-hop theme to familiarize subscribers with me (the comic and plenty of other content is free).  This is especially funny, in a completely coincidental way, because of a co-worker I knew from two jobs back.  He had this incredibly precise beard that would have made even Prince (the artist formerly known as “the artist formerly known as …”) envious.  This co-worker’s name was (is) Hector, and because of his facial object d’art, we called him Hector the Vector Connector, and would spout off many a mini freestyle rap about his superfly whiskers.  Those were good times.  His laughing reply was usually, “To dis the Stilloneous would be erroneous!”

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