Launch Windows Explorer to a Folder You Choose

Quick Tips

I re-discovered this tip the other day when I was setting up my new laptop.  By default, shortcuts to Windows Explorer launch the app and point it to the My Documents folder.  In fact, double clicking explorer.exe does the same thing.  I suppose that’s fine for default behavior — I actually do like to keep a shortcut poised to open My Documents — but I also like to launch into my c: drive.  Is there a quick way to do that?  You betcha. 

Right click your Windows Explorer shortcut and select Properties.  In the resultant dialog, choose the Shortcut tab and add the following to whatever already exists in the Target field:  /e,c:\  In my case, the Target went from …


… to …

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:\

The /e switch allows you to optionally specify a directory on which to focus.  Change c:\ to whatever drive (or directory) you please.

Additional details on this Microsoft TechNet article.

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