Shoo, Flies, Don’t Bother Me!

Quick Tips

This is a Quick Tip, but it’s not related to Flash or any other software.  Has nothing to do with computers, in fact.  This is about how to catch fruit flies — whole bunches of ’em, with barely any effort. 

I have no idea where our fruit fly infestation came from, but man, oh man, are they annoying.  Let’s just say they have boundary issues.  Whole swarms of them will suddenly be in your face — in your face! — and they’re too small to swat, but big enough to drive you mad.

To solve this aggravation, dig out a few wine glasses.  Find some Saran Wrap.  Grab several pieces of juicy, fragrant fruit, like banana, pineapple, or cantaloupe.  Place a small piece of fruit into each glass, slap a sheet of Saran Wrap overtop, and poke holes through the wrap with a fork.

This is the same principle as a lobster trap:  the fly smells the fruit, can’t help but find its way in, and then for the life of it (literally), cannot find its way out.  Brilliant!

Fruit fly trap

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