The VideoPlayer Class API (aka, the Missing Manual)

ActionScript 2.0 Quick Tips

I was just gabbing with someone about the NetStream class, which nudged my mind toward the VideoPlayer class.  According to the Components Language Reference, the FLVPlayback class “extends the MovieClip class and wraps a VideoPlayer object.”  As it turns out, the VideoPlayer class is mentioned in the Components Langauge Reference, but if you dig into it, you’ll quickly discover that none of the class members is hyperlinked.  In other words, you’ll get an overview of the properties, methods, and events defined by that class, but no actual explanation.

I find that an odd omission — but Adobe does make the full API available. 

The URL is listed in the VideoPlayer class entry itself, but the page it brings up hides the PDF a bit.  (To be fair, it may have been a direct link sometime in the past.)  If you’re interested, point your browser to this whopping 112-page PDF file.

It truly is the “missing manual” for this extensive API.

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