Canton Gives Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers a Thumbs Up

Flash General

Satori Canton, of Satori Interactive and part of the crew, recently wrote a wonderfully supportive review of Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers, in which he describes Tom’s and my book as “required reading for anyone considering getting into Flash development,” and a “Rosetta Stone” in guiding newcomers through the often overwhelming sense of where to begin.  This is rewarding praise from someone like Satori, who’s been playing with Flash since the early days (thanks, man!).

My aim in the Adobe forums, here on this blog, and in my other writing outlets, is to be as helpful and encouraging as I can.  I remember what it was like being new to Flash, and it always meant a lot to me when someone took the time to go into detail when replying to my questions.  I’m always pleased to hear when my own writing returns the favor.

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