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ActionScript 3.0 Flash

Caverta 50mg pills $445.00 If you want to be able to deliver non-FLV video in Flash (how cool is that?!), caverta 50mg pills $445.00 head over to the Adobe Flash Support Center and download the Adobe Flash Player Update for Flash CS3 Professional (9.0.2).  The result?  At runtime, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 you’ll be able to load MOV and MP4 files encoded in the H.264 hi-def codec.  This is in addition to the usual FLV, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 and we’re talking Flash Player 9 only (specifically, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 version or higher).  You’ll also be able to load M4A audio instead of only MP3.  The upgrade to the IDE allows you to view such content as you test and debug SWFs right in the authoring environment.  I’ve already installed and tested, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 and the update works … but I have seen one stumbling block.  You can work around it — in fact, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 you can work right through it — but it isn’t especially obvious. 

Using the FLVPlayback component

Caverta 50mg pills $445.00 If you’re coding up your video content with a Video object and NetConnection/NetStream, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 you won’t see any issues, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 but if you’re a fan of FLVPlayback, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 you’ll have to fly blind during a few steps that are normally straightforward.  Here’s what happens for me in Windows XP (and perhaps your mileage may vary):

Caverta 50mg pills $445.00 I drag an instance of FLVPlayback from the Components panel to the Stage.  I select the Parameters tab of the Property inspector and double-click source so I can browse to one of the new video file types.  This opens a Content Path dialog with a button that browses for files.  I click that button to locate an MP4 file, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 which opens a Browse for FLV file dialog, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 but nothing shows — even though I’m in the folder that has such files.  The reason nothing shows is because the Files of type list box in this dialog only has an entry for *.flv files.  To get around that, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 I type *.* into the File name field and hit Enter.  Now I can see my MP4s (and every other file type in that folder).  I double click my MP4.

Caverta 50mg pills $445.00 Flash chews on that for a while.  Honestly … maybe a minute and a half.  Finally, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 Flash tells me “Failed to load FLV: [name of file].”  This surprises me, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 because, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 well, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 I didn’t browse for an FLV.  ;)   But I forged ahead anyway and clicked OK.  I selected Control > Test Movie to see if the association succeeded anyway.  It did.

Caverta 50mg pills $445.00 So it does work.  But Flash plays a bit of hide-and-seek with you while it gets you there.  My take on it is, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 roll with the flow.  :)   It’s too bad that the manual association doesn’t seem to realize the new possibilities, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 but if it really gets on your nerves, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 you can always just set that source parameter via ActionScript 3.0:  just give your FLVPlayback component an instance name in the Property inspector, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 such as videoPlayer, caverta 50mg pills $445.00 and set its FLVPlayback.source property:

videoPlayer.source = "coolNewFormat.mp4";

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