Home Again from TODCon 2007

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TODCon Elvis, drawing by Chris Flick
Drawing by Chris Flick,

Truth be told, I was home last Friday already, but have only gotten around to posting today.  TODCon was a whole lot of fun, really.  Actually, that’s not putting it strongly enough.  TODCon was truly a great time!  I finally got to meet a bunch of Community MX pals, including Tom Green, with whom I co-authored Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers (check stores in July!).  I even met a client and a few people I’d helped on various forums, which are the kind of connections I always like to make.

There are times when you have a preconceived notion about someone that doesn’t turn out, face to face, to hold true.  Well, that wasn’t the case here at all.  I was expecting to have a good time, and that expectation was rewarded in spades.  I really “clicked” with these folks, and I imagine any onlookers would have assumed we’d all been friends for a decade at least, as you can see in these photos by Jim Babbage

I presented two sessions on ActionScript and enjoyed both of them.  The first session, in particular, was a hoot.  Tom sat in the back, heckling me, and it was obvious to everyone the kind of affable relationship we’ve built over the past six months.  A number of attendees spoke to me afterward and took a business card, so if you happen to swing by this blog, here’s a big thanks!  :)

Source files are still forthcoming, as promised, so keep an eye on the TODCon site or this one.  If any of you have further questions on either of my sessions, be sure to leave a comment here or use the contact form on this site.

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