How to Pause and Loop the Timeline in Flash CS3 (AS3)

ActionScript 3.0 Flash

How to pause the main timeline (or any timeline), and how to loop it, are fairly common questions on the Adobe forums — not super hot topics, but they continue to crop up every few months.  I suggested an AS2 approach to both questions in “How to Pause a Timeline (AS2)” and “How to Loop a Movie Three Times (AS2)” in 2006, but now with Flash CS3’s support for ActionScript 3.0, a couple of updates make good sense.

Check out “Using ActionScript to pause and loop the timeline in Flash,” in the Adobe Design Center, to see how things have changed.  Looping, as it turns out, can be handled in practically the same way.  The recommended approach for pausing now calls for the Timer class, which operates very differently from the setInterval() used in AS2.

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