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David Stiller’s blog » Blog Archive » Glücklicher Dritter Geburtstag, Meridian!

Glücklicher Dritter Geburtstag, Meridian!


Meridian turned three on May 26.  I’m reporting on it late, but thank goodness the celebration itself was on time.  ;)   Not only that, but she had a blast, mainly due to my wife’s creativity.  We had a handful of friends over, and Dawn had prepared various paint stations in the back yard.  Every kid received a colorful smock and got to paint a tote bag — not just with paint brushes, but with cool implements like Koosh balls, mini cars with oversized tires, and of course fingers!  They got to wallpaper a good-sized castle made from appliance boxes.  I did face painting … but Meridian wanted her butterflies painted on her feet, so that’s what I did (can’t see that in the picture, but hey, everything is forgotten when a kid gets a new bike!).


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