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David Stiller’s blog » Blog Archive » Creating a Smart Skip Intro Button in Flash

Creating a Smart Skip Intro Button in Flash

ActionScript 2.0 ActionScript 3.0 Flash

Generally speaking, Flash designers have become more considerate. In the late 1990s, it was common to encounter dozens of Flash websites a day with bloated, pointless intro animations. Ultimately, sure, content was king: users would eventually get to the meat of a website, but all too often, were subjected to unnecessary bells and whistles, simply because Flash was the shiny new kid on the block. Nowadays, bloated intros are largely a thing of the past, but back then, designers were proud of these intros and assumed users were thrilled to see them. Frankly, it just wasn’t so.

Fortunately, designers began to change their ways. Best practices took hold, and the “Skip Intro” button became a fashionable device (in fact, it appeared so often it became an industry joke). If users were really lucky, they’d even see an “Always Skip Intro” button, which remembered their preference for the next visit. In this freebie Community MX tutorial, you’ll learn how to create such a button.


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