Four Chapter Excerpts from The ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference Guide

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I just got word from Adobe that a number of The ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference Guide excerpts are freely available in PDF format from the Developer Connection’s ActionScript Technology Center:  Check ’em out!

Combine those with the freebie excerpts at, and you’ll find you have a decent selection to help you choose if this book would be useful to you. 

How AS3 Helps You Program with Purpose
Working with Library and Linkage Changes in ActionScript 3.0
Flash CS3:  What Happened to the WebServiceConnector Component?

Reader response has been great so far!  From Margot Sheehan’s review:

I was browsing at Borders at Park Ave and 57th, where they had exactly one copy of this.  I’d heard of this book but hadn’t seen it yet — it was announced over the summer but O’Reilly kept delaying publication so the book could be current with Flash CS4.  I looked up a few items in the ToC and index, and went straight to the checkout queue.  I had to have this book right away! even if Amazon could sell it to me cheaper!

Okay, why is the book good?  I’ve spent more time with it now.  I’ll give you my three biggest reasons:

1) It’s readable.  It really is.  It’s friendly and accessible.  Did you ever enjoy those … How-and-Why science books that started out with something like, “Hi!  This is a fun book, and we’re going to take you on a fun journey, step-by-step …”?

Well, did you like books like that? I did, and I’ve always resented scholarly and technical books that didn’t introduce themselves along those lines.…

This book is overtly addressed to users of ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0, and those already using 3.0; to artists, designers, and developers of all stripes. It’s all-inclusive. Like Rich Shupe’s Learning ActionScript 3.0, it has a friendly, hand-holding attitude that goes through the length of the book.

Read the rest of her comments here:

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