Drinking from the Fire Hose

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A good friend of mine, Branden Hall, uses a startling metaphor to describe what it’s like when scheduling has gone insane, when too many projects are due at once, and when, in general, “overwhelmed” isn’t a strong enough adjective.  He aptly calls this feeling “drinking from the fire hose,” which fairly describes how I felt while writing my books last year.  Somehow, the image always makes me chuckle.

It’s been about six months since I last wrote an entry here, and that’s much too long!  A handful of regular readers have even checked in to ask what’s going on, which I appreciate.  The simple truth is that I’ve been catching up on things other than Flash (and work in general), and it has honestly taken this much time.  In fact, I’m still not as caught up as I’d like.  (For example, I have nearly two hundred comments to get to from this blog!  I feel awful about the delay — some messages are easily a year old — but I keep chipping away at them and do intend to eventually work my way through.) 

For the record, I’m still very involved with Flash, as much as I ever have been.  I still use Flash every day and, honest to goodness, still love my job.  The only thing that’s changed, really, is that I’ve significantly reduced the amount of time I work in the evenings and weekends.  It was getting pretty unhealthy there for a while!  Instead of working, I’ve been spending time with my wife and daughter, which has been an absolute boon to my sanity.  It also means I’ve been sticking to my New Year’s resolution for 2009.  ;)   In fact, I’ve even indulged in a few new hobbies, including homemade cheese, gardening, and bread making … things I have to do with my hands, away from the keyboard.  In short, life is good.  :)

Ironically, this return to “the simple things” occasionally increases the stress of my work day, because it means I have to get things done during normal business hours, rather than into the evening.  I do put in “overtime” every now and then, as everyone does, but I’ve had a goal for quite some time to make that the exception to the rule, rather than the norm.  I do feel like I’m making strides, even if it takes a while.

I recently started recording video tutorials for an online training center, partly to market Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers (friends of ED).  I’ll mention when those are ready.  I’m also still writing articles for CommunityMX.com and have been percolating a few ideas to continue helping folks make the transition from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0.  More on that down the line, when time allows.  I do plan to keep writing Flash tutorials for this blog, as soon as I can wrangle my calendar into place.

Thanks for the patience!

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