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Flash Quick Tips

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could temporarily mute the audio in a FLA while working on it?  It’s easy enough, of course.  I’m not sure how it works on a Mac (surely just as easily), but on Windows, you simply mute the volume control in the system tray.

Ah, but there’s the rub!  On Windows—XP at least, which is what I’m using—that’s an all-or-nothing “solution.”  The trouble is, I like to listen to music while I work, and most of the time that means playing audio files directly on my computer.  If my system is muted, it’s muted.

For years, I’ve simply been dealing with this, but I finally had enough.  Just last week, I started searching online for ways to selectively mute individual applications on WinXP.  For my money, IndieVolume wins, hands down.  Not only can I mute Flash—which temporarily silences both my FLAs and SWFs—I can also selectively mute, say, Safari or Firefox, which lets me enjoy the same benefit when testing in a browser.

Even better, I can leave my apps audible, but adjust their volumes individually (panning, too), which means I can keep my Flash content quiet while leaving my audio player and other system alerts/sounds going strong.

If you’re interested, try giving IndieVolume a shot!  The developer offers a free trial period, and you even get a discount for endorsing the product on your blog.  I’ve been spreading the word anyway, because this app is one of those cases of “it’s the little things that count.”  I’m truly a happier coder for the quiet.  :)

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