About Me

My multimedia career grew up on Macromedia.  In intervening years, it has comfortably migrated to Adobe.  In many ways, I owe my current skill set to the engineers of Director, Flash, and Dreamweaver.  Since the advent of ActionScript 3.0 in 2006, I even find myself in a position to contribute to C#, Java, and Python applications when the need arises.  That says a lot for the Flash Platform, whose growing complexity has taken me from an English degree all the way to a work-from-home position as an independent contractor.

Nowadays, most of my income derives from Flash development, design, and training.  The rest comes from video production and website development.  I also develop Dreamweaver and Flash Extensions and Flash Components, so if you have a need in any of these areas, get in touch!  I’m always looking for a creative opportunity.

I wrote Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers (friends of ED) with Tom Green and contributed the interactivity chapter to How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3 (Focal Press), by Chris Georgenes.  I’m currently tech editing Tom’s Foundation Flash CS3 for Video (friends of ED) and have a new title in the works with O’Reilly, scheduled for June 2008.

I’ve been posting to the Adobe (formerly Macromedia) forums since 1999, contributing primarily to the Flash and ActionScript groups.  I also monitor forums at CommunityMX.com, where I’m a resident author, and occasionally touch bases at Keyframer.com and FlashGods.org.

I’m completely self-taught and couldn’t have gotten this far without the help I received early on.  So thanks!  Thanks to Macromedia developers who are now Adobe developers, and thanks to the countless volunteers who assisted me in forging a career I wouldn’t swap for any other.

David Stiller